This blog post is guest written by Vaughan Heilman, Training Team Lead at Bazaarvoice.

Our second “Take Action” webinar focused on utilizing top contributors and the content they provide to enhance and improve client marketing campaigns. Studies show that consumers look to reviews more than traditional marketing channels (such as print or TV). Companies are aware now that increasing reviews on their site is a standard part of a company’s social commerce strategy. So what else can you do with reviews and reviewers?

The topics covered included gaining additional top contributors, using top contributors in marketing campaigns, and reviewing a variety of alternate marketing channels where UGC can provide additional site visits and submitted reviews.

Most companies have loyal contributors that write more than one review on a site. These contributors tend to write detailed product specific reviews that are relevant to the buying process. A great way to increase the number of multi-review contributors is through simple contests. Bazaarvoice’s reporting tools make it easy to track the progress of these contests, and allow you to identify top 10, 20, or 50 contributors to your site.

Once you have garnered additional top contributors, what can you do with these individuals? A great example by Free People shows how you can make reviewers more ‘like me.’ This creates more relevance to the reviews when your community is able to relate to the reviewer. In a campaign highlighting their top six reviewers, Free People saw an increase in total review volume by 93%.

In addition to looking at top contributors and how to integrate them into marketing campaigns, there are other opportunities to use UGC in offline marketing channels. Some examples include in-store signage, invoices, packing slips, and even TV ads.

Take your UGC to the next level by turning your reviewers into real people and know that UGC should not be limited to your online marketing channels!

Our Take Action webinar series tackles a variety of ways UGC can help solve business problems, drive sales, and reduce costs. Look for future blogs recapping these informative sessions, created especially for Bazaarvoice clients. They’re just one more way we help our 600+ global clients maximize their UGC investment.

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