Rachel Lightfoot on TwitterWe launched our Bazaarvoice Holiday Card a month ago, asking you to tweet your holiday stories for a chance to win. Out of tons of entries we chose 31 daily winners, one each day in December. And now it’s time to announce our grand prize winner!

@catchfoot: “Left curdled milk for Santa because previous year he gave the rainbow-haired-unicorn-My Little Pony to brother. Dad had runs for days. #bvhs

@catchfoot is Rachel Lightfoot, a San Francisco production coordinator at VIZ Media. She writes about food, film, and other interests on her blog, The Informer. Here’s Rachel’s reaction, in her own words:

I knew I had a [true] story that even my regular followers might get a kick out of – or unfollow me over. I was eight years old, and my brother six. Santa had gotten me an entire My Little Pony play set. They were already unwrapped and set up in their MLP dance studios, castles and cars. I was thrilled!

I guess Santa felt like he had gone a little overboard with the gifts, pitied little brother and wrapped one of the Ponies for him to open, too. Little did Santa know that the one he decided to give little brother was the single most coveted pony of all – the rainbow haired Pegasus unicorn – duh! Oh, we fought over that thing for hours, but once little brother realized how much I wanted it, there was no giving it to me. The rest is history. Santa sure learned his lesson after that.

Congratulations Rachel! Expect your $500 American Express gift card soon.

Check out all of our winners here. Thanks to everyone who contributed to our Holiday Card!

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