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You know you’re reading something good when you feel like not sharing it with the world would somehow be a dereliction of duty, or at least, some kind of misdemeanor. The content discussed below was discovered by my colleagues and sent my way in emails and DMs with subjects like, “READ THIS NOW,” and, “This guy gets it.” Now it’s your turn to read the stuff that got us so excited over the last few weeks. Enjoy!

Beck ‘Produces’ A Genius Innovation That Appeals To The User-Generated Generation

by Will Burns for Forbes

Hat tip: Joah Spearman, Director of Market Planning

User-generated… music? Beck will release only the sheet music to his next “album,” a move that will spark a flurry of creative performances from fans around the world. It will be fascinating to watch this develop. I also found Burns’ follow-up article interesting, in which he defends his characterization of the idea as “innovation,” in response to a healthy dose of dissent. Innovation isn’t all about new tools, but new ways of doing things, even if the tools are as old as, well, sheet music.

NewsCred white paper: Brands as Publishers – (Registration required)

NewsCred Blog (no author specified)

Some really cool profiles of brands that lead the way, and the behind the scenes details about the projects add a human touch. Which reminds me of my favorite line from the report: “Talk about people, not product.” Good stats, too. Inspirational!

Embracing the Web, Boutiques Thrive

by Marisa Meltzer for The New York Times

Hat tip: Amy Hayes, Director of Communications. Her context:

“Great examples of how small boutiques are using their unique advantages to win online and in-store sales from Amazon and other major retailers. A number of independent boutiques across the country are providing wares and special service that big stores and bigger online stores cannot.”

The Future Isn’t About Mobile; It’s About Mobility

by David Armano for Harvard Business Review

Hat tip: Tara DeMarco, Social Strategist. Her context:

“Important distinction here. The future won’t be about devices like mobile phones. It’ll be about the ability to get any information you want, anywhere, on any device. This goes beyond tablets, connected TVs, smartphones, etc.  We’ll truly have mobility when literally every device — refrigerators, cars, treadmills, clothing — is an internet-connected mobile device.”

Consumers More Willing to Share Info With Retailers Than Social Networks

MarketingProfs (no author specified)

Hat tip: Leigh Choate, Marketing Campaigns Manager. Her context:

“This research reflects that consumers crave relevant, personalized shopping experiences, and they’re willing to give up some personal information to get them.”

Are Social Media Sites Replacing Focus Groups?

by Steve DeAngelis for Enterra Insights

Hat tip: Leigh Choate, Marketing Campaigns Manager. Her context:

“CPG brands are paying attention to social to augment or replace some focus groups. As Frito-Lay develops a new potato chip flavor, they turn first to Facebook to ask for reactions to proposed flavors, rather than traditional focus groups.”

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