“Social networking, and social media, and user-generated content allow the act of marketing to not be an art of war, but an art of syndicating the truth,” says Mike Maples, Jr., founder and managing partner at FLOODGATE Fund, LP. In the next installments of our video series, Connected Perspectives, Mike describes how the next wave of technologies, our ever-increasing connectedness, and the evolving nature of marketing are changing the way businesses must operate to stay alive.

First, he observes that technology waves affect everyone, while advancing the standard of living “across the board.” In his view, catching a technology wave is a lot like surfing: Spot the swell, control your board, and time it just so.

Mike then dives into the hyperweb: A fundamental shift in the internet itself, and a user experience change from a world of computers to a world of smart devices – everywhere.

Finally, Mike reflects on how marketing used to be taught – as though it was the art of war. But marketing has fundamentally changed; it’s now the art of syndicating and seeking the truth about your brand in the marketplace.

Connected Perspectives profiles the people and ideas shaping the next phase in business. Past and future videos include Porter Gale (Virgin America), Joe Fernandez (Klout), John Bell (Social@Ogilvy), Tim Leberecht (NBBJ), Doreen Bloch (Poshly), Andrew Deitchman (Mother New York), John Ellett (nFusion), Don Tapscott (author and speaker), John Battelle (Federated Media Publishing), and Jez Frampton (Interbrand).

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