In order to “make advertising inherently valuable in people’s lives, you need a number of things to change,” says John Battelle, Founder and CEO of Federated Media Publishing. John, co-founder of WIRED and author of The Search, posits that among those things needed are a “liquid environment of data,” a “culture of permission,” and an “infrastructure that can manage all this data.”

In the latest installment of our Connected Perspectives video series, John discusses the creativity needed to create real value from this ideal data ecosystem when reached, and how close we are today.

Connected Perspectives profiles the people and ideas shaping the next phase in business. Past and future videos include Porter Gale (Virgin America), Joe Fernandez (Klout), Mike Maples Jr. (FLOODGATE), Doreen Bloch (Poshly), John Ellett (nFusion), John Bell (Social@Ogilvy), Tim Leberecht (NBBJ), Andrew Deitchman (Mother New York), Don Tapscott (author and speaker), and Jez Frampton (Interbrand).

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