“One of the primary things that brands need to do,” advises Jez Frampton, Global CEO of Interbrand, “is to work out how to match experience and expectations.”

In the latest installments of our video series, Connected Perspectives, Frampton acknowledges that it’s now harder for companies to keep up in a converged online and physical world – compared to the more manageable past of distinct channels. He goes on to argue that the language many companies use – words like “segmenting” and “targeting” – “reduces consumers to a dumb animal” whose behavior is easily manipulated. Companies must now respect consumers, he says, since they now have “tremendous will, and they can change the fortunes of a company over night.”

Connected Perspectives profiles the people and ideas shaping the next phase in business. Past and future videos include Porter Gale (Virgin America), Joe Fernandez (Klout), Mike Maples Jr. (FLOODGATE), Doreen Bloch (Poshly), John Ellett (nFusion), John Bell (Social@Ogilvy), Tim Leberecht (NBBJ), Andrew Deitchman (Mother New York), and Don Tapscott (author and speaker).

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